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Why is the salon named Merge?

While we know Merge is a really unique name and not one that has to do with hair, we think it suits us perfectly. We are a salon that houses up to 8 different businesses under one roof. Most of our guests would never guess that we were all individual businesses! That's exactly the way we want it. No matter whose guest you are you will be greeted as a guest of Merge. You will get the same outstanding level of service from all of us. We believe in teamwork and cohesiveness and are "Merging" all of our businesses under one roof.

Where Should I park for my appointment?

We have a parking lot on the north side of the building along with street parking right in front of the salon.

Can I bring my child along with me to my appointment ?

While we love children, we also want you to be able to relax at your appointment. We do have an area up front for children, but we ask that for their safety and out of consideration of all of our other guests that you find other arrangements for your children if your appointment is any longer than a half hour.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and  American Express).

I can't make it to my appointment, what is your cancellation policy?

We realize that life can sometimes get in the way, we ask as a courtesy that you let us know as soon as possible if you are not able to keep  your appointment. As a group of seasoned stylists many of us are booked out for weeks, so generally someone is waiting to fill any unwanted spots for appointments. By giving us a heads up that you can't make your appointment, being able to fill in that appointment with someone else should aid in the reschedule of a much faster appointment time for you. 

I need an appointment- can I Facebook message you?

Yes! You absolutely can leave us a message on our Facebook page. We do check it daily, but if you need a faster response time we recommend that you call the salon at (920) 893-1000.

I think your phone system is broke- when I push the extension number it keeps bringing me back to the main system. What am I doing wrong?

Please make sure to push the # key after the extension number. That should get you to the correct mailbox so you can leave a message.

Why does my hair never look like it does after leaving the salon?

This is probably our number one asked question.  We want you to be able to duplicate your look when you are at home, which is why we recommend the products we do. While we realize they are more costly than products from box stores they are a much higher quality and are 100% better for your hair. They are an investment, however you wear your hair everyday and you are worth it! Not only will your hair look and feel better, your color will last longer ensuring your happiness from the time you leave the salon until your next visit. We like to use this analogy- for the cost of a dinner out which lasts one night you will have high quality haircare that lasts for months due to its concentration. 

I loved my service, can I leave a review somewhere?

Absolutely! We strive to make each of your visits to Merge the best, so we appreciate your feedback! Please leave a review in the following places- Our Facebook page, our Google listing and make sure to rate us right on our webpage under the contact us page!

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